Body Confidence: Stop Hating the Way You look.

Do you hate the way you look? If so, you pick on your reflection in the mirror, singling out features you loathe. Whether you tell yourself your nose is big or your eyes are small, negative thinking lowers your self-esteem. To raise your body confidence, you need to see yourself differently.


Stop comparing yourself to others

Comparing yourself to people ruins your self-image. When you appraise your attractiveness based on how others look, you don’t make an accurate assessment. You focus on what you dislike.

Observers see the whole you; they don’t search for flaws. No doubt, people you deem good-looking hate aspects of themselves you don’t notice. Similarly, other people are unlikely to spot what you think are your defects. It’s worth noting, too, because of cosmetic changes, images of celebrities and film stars are not accurate reflections of their natural appearance.

Stop comparing yourself to Photo-shopped pictures or friends and people you pass on the street. When you get the urge to measure yourself against others, pause. Repeat the affirmation “I am attractive in my own right.”

Be kind to your reflection

Instead of looking for what you hate about yourself in the mirror, aim to focus on what you like. You might have a beautiful smile, high cheekbones, or sparkling eyes.

Train your brain to seek what makes you shine. Tell yourself what you find attractive about your reflection. Look yourself in the eye and speak affirmations aloud, so the positive messages sink into your subconscious.

Stop negative talk about how you look

Like most people who hate their appearance, you find many opportunities to put your appearance down. For instance, when others give you a compliment, you might point out what you imagine are your defects. Likewise, you might tell friends you are too fat or thin, or criticize yourself on other occasions.

Accept compliments. Instead of talking about what you hate about your looks, say “thank you,” and don’t argue with people who admire you. Gradually, the habit of negative self-talk will fade.

Accept yourself

Plenty of people think they aren’t good enough. They imagine they aren’t attractive, smart, or interesting, and the list could go on. Hating themselves makes their self-esteem nosedive. You can’t be your best self without acceptance.

Get rid of fantasies about looking different. If your legs aren’t long, they won’t stretch. Your essential features will not change, and the sooner you accept them, the better. Once you settle for what you’ve got, you will perceive yourself another way.

Make friends with your appearance and recognize you are unique. When negative thoughts arise, repeat the affirmation “I accept myself.”

Body confidence comes from acceptance. Until you stop comparing yourself to others, you won’t recognize what sets you apart from them is also what helps you shine. Be kind to your reflection, accept compliments about the way you look, and repeat positive affirmations. Before long, you will break the habit of putting yourself down. Feed a healthy self-image and starve negativity. As a result, your self-esteem will grow, and you’ll be happier.

Photo by Darius Bashar.

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