Zen Life Hacks – How To Reduce Stress and Anxiety In Your Daily Life

Anything from your finances to your relationships or even just your morning commute can have a negative effect on your mind. While things like medication and therapy are often recommended, there are plenty of natural ways to tackle stress yourself. Adapting your living habits to be more relaxed and mindful each day will have huge …

Coloring the Stress Away: the Benefits of Adult Coloring Pages.

Adult coloring books have become one of the biggest, latest trends. Coloring is a wonderful way to spend your spare time. Unlike some trends, this particular one has a multitude of health benefits. Repeated studies have shown that creating something can improve your mental health. Buying an adult coloring book will have a ton of …

How to Improve Your Mood

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to be in a perpetual state of good humor while others go along in life living under a black cloud of despair? There are many explanations for why people have the attitude towards life that they do. Some would say it's the environment where they were raised. …

Setting Up Personal Goal Maps to Get What you Want from Life.

Photo by Hannah Olinger

Goal maps are not just something major corporations do. The average man or woman can employ this useful tool to create a better life for themselves. Setting up a goal map takes time, but it helps to clarify the direction you want your life to take and enforces the discipline necessary to reach those goals.

Body Confidence: Stop Hating the Way You look.

Do you hate the way you look? If so, you pick on your reflection in the mirror, singling out features you loathe. Whether you tell yourself your nose is big or your eyes are small, negative thinking lowers your self-esteem. To raise your body confidence, you need to see yourself differently.